The Perfect Day To Say I Do

The best months to get married.



An advantage to getting married in the fall is the weather. The colors of the fall foliage make for beautiful cool tone photos and the weather is perfect for an outdoor wedding. This is a popular season and vendors may not be available so confirming your photographer 6 months in advance is key.



May is full of color, warm tones, and spring vibes. The weather is a friendly invitation to attract more guests. The challenge with Spring is lighting, because a sunny day creates harsh shadows, for a beautiful spring wedding create a schedule around the sun. You can use this Sun Calclator to help.


If you’re on a budget, summer is the best time to get married. Venues offer better rates and you can negotiate according to your budget. The summer heat and high airline prices can affect your guest count so if you’re planning an intimate wedding, this is the best time to get married.