How to download

On your Desktop

  1. Access your gallery. 
  2. Mouse over to the Select Images button at the top of the page.

  3. Select your favorite images or click on the Select All button on the top right.

  4. A DOWNLOAD button will automatically appear. Click on download.

  5. A ZIP folder will automatically start downloading to your desktop.

  6. not working?  give us a call: (646) 504-7628

On Your Device

  1. Access your gallery. 
  2. Find your favorite image and click on the image you wish to download.
  3. Open collapsed menu on top right
  4. Click on download.
  5. A new window will open with a high-resolution image. 
  6. Long press on your image and a "save image" option will appear on your phone.

How to purchase


  1. Navigate to a photo or the photos you would like to purchase. Select them if you are in a Gallery by checking the select box in the corner of the thumbnail.
  2. Mouse over the Buy button at the top of the page and choose New Product. A pop-up window will open prompting you to choose which category of photo product you would like to order.

  3. Select the category you are interested in purchasing items from.
  4. Choose the items you would like to purchase. Set the quantity and other options specific to the item.
  5. Select Preview and Configure if you want to prepare your item with more specifics.
  6. Select View Shopping Cart if you would like to review all your purchases.
  7. Select Buy More Products with Selected Photos if you are interested in purchasing more items using the photos you currently have selected.
  8. Select Checkout Now if you are satisfied with your selections and want to go directly to the shopping cart and finalize your order.